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Beluga Bar

Beluga has improved in many aspects since it has undergone new ownership. The most notable being vegan options, West Coast export oysters, trinchado, Mediterranean sole, an extensive wine and spirit selection, new menu’s and most exciting – our new whisky connoisseur.

Edson is a man of great talent, especially when it comes to managing our revamped and revitalized bar. His passion is whisky and this has provided us the opportunity to create a bespoke selection for our patrons to experience.

His knowledge stems from a passion that cannot be explained and his need to give the customer the best possible service and to share his knowledge, is what makes him great. In fact, it makes him unforgettable.

Beluga’s wide range of worldly whiskies will tantalize even the most sophisticated taste buds. Whether you are a whisky connoisseur or merely interested in gaining knowledge in this area – look no further!
Edson offers an Exclusive Whisky Tasting at the bar or your table. This incredible experience includes the tasting of three select whiskies, compiled with an informative and exciting overview of each one.

Broaden your horizons, right here at Beluga and enjoy all we have to offer.

Don’t believe us? Join us at the Beluga Bar and experience it yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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