Beluga Bubbles
More Bang for your Buck

Beluga is bringing you more and more… Champagne that is.
Beluga Bubbles

We strive to give our customers the best experience possible. This includes ensuring that our bubbly by the glass is served at perfection.

We have invested in the unique and award-winning wine preservation system, Le Verre de Vin Classic from The Bermar Collection.

This amazing product allows us to preserve our bubbly (served by the glass) in such a way, that you receive the greatest quality product every time.

Through doing this, one is able to try different champagnes and/or sparkling wines without having to purchase the entire bottle. This is especially beneficial when wanting different wine pairing options with your meal, or even to enjoy multiple options within a larger group.

What more could you want?

Be Bubbly at Beluga and join us for an amazing experience.

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